IndyCar blasts Boston race promoters over ticket sale cash

Executives at Indycar are lashing out at the Boston promoters for the failed Indycar race, whose attorney now says the company is out of money and unable at this point to refund any more tickets reports Karen Anderson of WCVB TV

Stephen Starks, Indycar vice president of promoter relations, released a statement Friday saying, "Exactly how BGP (Grand Prix of Boston) could have sold approximately 22,000 tickets according to reports before and after BGP's (Boston Grand Prix's) decision to cancel the race and only be in a position to refund approximately $400,000 up to this point is something we at Indycar hope is revealed during the pending legal proceedings."

Starks said Indycar did not sell tickets or receive ticket revenue for the event, something that was done by the Boston franchise.

"With those rights comes the obligation to refund ticket revenue to purchasers in the unfortunate event the race is cancelled as happened here," Starks stated. "Fans should know that we will do everything we can to ensure BGP (Grand Prix of Boston) makes them whole."

[Editor's Note: There were a lot of costs incurred by the race promoter to plan the race, design the track, concrete walls, advertising, city permits, etc. Of course some of the ticket money was used for these costs and of course there is now not enough money left to refund all the ticket holders. The city and its residents were so unfriendly towards the race and forced them to spend money on ridiculous things resulting in the promoter walking when he realized the city and its people were going to bankrupt him. The people who want a refund should knock on the door of the people and their attorney who drove the race promoter out and ask for their money back because they won't be getting it back from the grand prix, which is bankrupt.]

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