Pippa crashes at Indy (Update)

UPDATE As it turns out, Pippa had a rear wing failure during her qualification run. The end plate on the left side came loose, causing her to spin. As it turns out, Dale Coyne team mate Gabby Chavez had earlier seen the same issue, and the team has pulled Conor Daly out of the qualifying line in order to look at his rear wing.

The team was complimentary of Pippa's near-save, and is optimistic they can have her back on the track by the end of the day.

Tim Wohlford

05/21/16 The winds are nasty, pushing cars deep into turn 1, and it appears that Pippa Mann might've been a factor in her spin into the south cute walls. Her first lap was at 226.346 before her second lap was ended with the crash.

Tim Wohlford

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