Alfa Romeo has to sell more cars before it can return to F1

Alfa Romeo's return to Formula 1 depends entirely on the success of the road car business, according to chairman Sergio Marchionne.

Marchionne has expressed a desire to see the Alfa Romeo name return to F1 since he became CEO of parent company Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles as well as president of Ferrari.

Speaking during the launch of the new Giulia model, Marchionne renewed his desire to see the brand return as a works team, but insists it will only happen if the company can increase its core sales.

"It will depend on the success of the Giulia," he said on Tuesday. "To finance the races you have to sell the cars. Today is only the beginning of a long road.

"Our participation will be limited to F1. We are not, however, available to run only as engine suppliers, but we would focus on a complete package like Ferrari."

Marchionne also confirmed that Red Bull were interested in running Alfa Romeo branded-Ferrari engines this year, but instead settled with Tag-Heuer branded-Renault engines.

"Red Bull was interested in Alfa Romeo last year, but they needed only an engine and that didn’t make sense for us. We are not Honda."

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