Bowyer slams team

AR1 was able to exclusively obtain this rare photo of Clint Bowyer at a time he was not spouting exletives
Clint Bowyer photographed in a rare moment not spouting expletives

HScott Motorsports driver Clint Bowyer slammed his team on the radio during the recently concluded NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice here at Richmond International Raceway.

"I've never been with such a (expletive) unprepared (expletive) team in my life," Bowyer said . "It’s a (expletive) joke."

We'll let you use your imagination as to exactly what expletive(s) Bowyer used. The 8-time Sprint Cup Series winner currently sits 29th in the standings scoring his best 2016 finish last week at Bristol. He is driving for HScott this season in a gap year of sorts, as he is slated to take over the retiring Tony Stewart's No. 14 seat in 2017.

Suffice to say, Bowyer is not very pleased with the current situation at HScott.

Brian Carroccio reporting from Richmond International Raceway

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