IndyCar issues statement on Pagenaud controversy (Update)

UPDATE “It shouldn't’t be a judgment call; it’s a rule," Scott Dixon who might have won the race said.

“I thought (IndyCar) outlawed warnings," he said. “This is the problem we had in the offseason with people getting warnings all the time, especially when you’re using it to your advantage when it’s the last pit stop sequence or anything like that.

“If you’re just going to get a warning, every time you’re going to (commit the violation). That’s why it was so deeply discussed in the offseason and why there were about 40 or 50 warning zones in the rulebook removed.

“I don’t even know why we discussed the pit lane exit if we’re not going to stick to the rules. Everybody else abided by them."

Dixon’s team owner, Chip Ganassi, had a measured reaction.

“It was obviously a questionable call," he said on the NBCSN broadcast. “The video shows one thing. I don’t know what the stewards used to make their decision, but I sort of support what they do.

“But I kind of like the NASCAR system where it’s just black and white. There’s a camera there, and the camera makes the call electronically. So, we’ll see. Maybe it’s an opportunity (for IndyCar) to improve."

“I’m sure I’ll have a discussion with them, and I’ll probably learn something I didn’t know," he said.

04/17/16 Simon Pagenaud's actions during the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach were deemed an infraction per Rule "Lane Usage" of the INDYCAR Penalty Guidelines: Failing to follow designated procedures entering or exiting the pit area, including the proper use of the acceleration and deceleration lanes.

The penalty for this infraction ranges from a warning (minimum), putting the driver to the back of the field (mid) and drive-through or stop and go/hold (maximum). INDYCAR race stewards determined his actions were not severe enough to warrant a harsher penalty than the warning that was issued.

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