Morning update from Long Beach

Weather is perfect again today for the 42nd running of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach with the weather forecast to be sunny and 85 degrees at race time. Today's warmup is at 9 am and the green flag drops at 1:37 PM PT.

The drivers will get 10 push-to-pass chances today, each for a duration of 20 sec. Each push will give the driver an extra 60 HP.

Had a nice dinner at one of the hot spots in Long Beach Saturday night – L'Opera, a wonderful Italian restaurant. It's also the place to see and be seen with many drivers, team owners and other celebrities there every night during race weekend.

If you have never been to Long Beach you are missing out on the best nightlife on the circuit. Parties everywhere. As you walk around at night you can hear people laughing, partying and having a grand old time.

Steven Templeman with Scott Dixon
Steven Templeman with Scott Dixon

Attending an IndyCar race is pretty easy for most people in the US. If you are a fan of Scott Dixon and you live in New Zealand, California is the closest state you can get to see a race. Steven Templeman has loved motor racing since the 70's. He worked with Max Stewart's crew for some races back in that day.

Coming to the US to see one of his idols, Scott Dixon, race this weekend in Long Beach is a huge part of his trip. Steven and his girlfriend, Jessica Chapel, met the reigning IndyCar champ in 2014 at the oval in Fontana. Steven was excited to speak with Dixon who he feels is a very calculated driver that does not make mistakes.

Steven is a pilot for a New Zealand airline, so he has that in common with his favorite IndyCar driver.

Although it was announced that this year would be the last for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race, we hear rumblings that many people want to see it continue, even if Toyota does not want to fund it. We think Honda or Chevy would like to take it over, but with Toyota's name on the overall weekend, how would that work? Would Toyota be ok with the Pro/Celebrity race having Honda's name on it? Our opinion – a rising tide raises all ships. Mark Cipolloni and Lucille Dust reporting from Long Beach

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