DTM regulations for 2016 are fixed – focus on driver’s skills

During its meeting in Munich on Thursday, the DTM Commission decided on some modifications to the DTM's sporting regulations. The objective of all of these collectively made decisions is to place even more focus on the performance of the drivers. In this context, there are new regulations for the performance weights and the use of the DRS (Drag Reduction System). The changes are the result of a collective process involving the engineers of all manufacturers, the ITR and the DMSB. BMW will also have the opportunity to offset the performance deficit to Audi and Mercedes-Benz through a technical compensation with regards to aerodynamics and weight.

In future, the distribution of the performance weights will be decided in qualifying and will be based on the actual maximum performance of a car and no longer on the position in the preceding race. This is to place the cars on a similar level of performance for the races – meaning that the best driver should win. And even if a driver wins several races, he will no longer be punished for this.

New regulations on the use of DRS were also defined for 2016. As before, the system that reduces the air resistance may only be used when a driver is less than a second behind the man in front as he is crossing the finish line. However, the use of DRS is more limited: This means that the drivers can use the DRS even more strategically since only a certain number of activations will be permitted.

The third major decision made by the commission was that BMW will receive some concessions for the coming season. The reason being that is the construction of the BMW M4 DTM means that it is at a deficit compared with the competition, which cannot be offset by technical development due to homologation. The commission has approved the manufacturers’ request to compensate this deficit for the 2016 season. The BMW M4 DTM will compete weighing 7.5 kg less and with a rear wing that is 50 millimeter's wider in the 2016 season. The minimum weight for Audi and Mercedes will remain at last season's weight of 1,120 kg, while BMW will compete with 1,112.5 kg at the first qualifying session of the season.

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