Saturday morning update from Phoenix

UPDATE The Firestone tire issue from yesterday seems to be caused by debris. The IndyCars have so much downforce, they are pulling things onto the track from between the walls resulting in cuts in the tires. Remember this tire is the same compound at used in Milwaukee but stronger. Lucille Dust reporting live from Phoenix

02/27/16 Another sunny and clear day here in Phoenix. Only about 70 degrees here now but will warm up to mid 80s this afternoon. If you followed the testing sessions yesterday, you are aware of quite a few yellow flags. Most of them were due to cut tires. I will get an update this morning on what Firestone thinks was the issue.

Other talk in the paddock is that the cars are generating too much downforce here and the drivers are 100% throttle for a full stint. This requires near-zero talent, so Bill Pappas is looking to reduce downforce so as the tires wear the driver will have to feather the throttle. If the car slides a bit this will also require talent.

We had an era of 100% throttle, no talent required, in the IRL days and no one wants to see that again, unless of course you are a driver with limited skill.

Reporting from Phoenix International Raceway, Lucille Dust,

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