F1 2017 rules deadline postponed

Formula 1 chiefs have decided to postpone the deadline for the finalization of the sport's 2017 sporting and technical regulations until the end of April, almost two months later than originally planned.

Meetings of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission were held in Geneva on Monday, during which 2017 rules and a range of other topics, including qualifying tweaks and head protection, were discussed.

Formula 1's governing body, the FIA, confirmed on Wednesday that new bodywork rules have been agreed for the 2017 campaign, focused on extra downforce, in an attempt to "create more exciting cars".

Under the proposed regulation overhaul, which is subject to further changes, suspension track will increase, front and rear wing endplates will be wider and floor and bodywork widths will grow.

Overall car weight is also set to climb from 702kg to 722kg, with 5kg down to bigger tires.

Discussions will continue in the coming weeks, with the FIA, teams and Pirelli working on a solution for testing of the new tires, which will be wider at the front and rear, before the April 30 deadline.

There was also "significant further progress" on the four major power unit topics; the cost of supply, obligation to supply, performance convergence and further improvement of noise.

It is also hoped that a final agreement on this matter will be reached by April 30.

Another planned change for 2017 is the introduction of some form of cockpit protection, with the FIA stating that the 'Halo' concept, initially outlined by Mercedes, is currently the preferred option.

It added that other options, such as transparent protection, will continue to be evaluated.

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