Someone Stole Starworks Motorsport’s Transporter

UPDATE Starworks Motorsport has recovered the transporter stolen earlier this week from the parking lot of its Florida race shop. "A massive amount of adrenalin was flowing when we found this running with the lights on in a deserted alley by the Everglades!" the team posted on its Facebook page.

"Looks like they got into the inside. No idea what's gone yet in there. All the rims and tires gone. But we are super happy to have it back. Thank you to everyone that help spread the word out there. You never know which is the tweet or Facebook forward that's going to make the difference to help!"

02/21/16 Starworks Motorsport owner Peter Baron arrived at his shop in Florida this morning to learn a large and expensive piece of equipment had been stolen.

"I showed up and one of the guys asked if I had someone move the truck and trailer, and I said no…" Baron told RACER.

The theft of Starworks' hauler has led Baron to contact the local authorities, and his insurance company, as the search continues for its whereabouts.

"That was more of our engineering and parts trailer; there were no cars in it at the time," he said. "It could have been a lot worse. There was a lot of equipment inside – wheels, radios, and all kinds of stuff – but thankfully the cars had been unloaded. We're tight for space, so we were about to put a few inside…"

Baron remains hopeful his transporter will be found and returned before the next IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship outing at Sebring.

"We've been on the phones all morning and we're still trying to figure it out what will happen if it doesn't turn up," he added.

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