New EXR Racing Series announces 2016 schedule

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (February 15, 2016) — The EXR Racing Series today announces a schedule of 16 exciting races for its inaugural season, with competition set to take place over eight weekends at some of the most iconic motorsport facilities in the United States.

The schedule for the new arrive-and-drive series includes highlight stops at Circuit of the Americas, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway. "We selected only the best venues where drivers could be guaranteed a great experience both on and off the track," said series co-founder Romain Thievin. "It's going to be an incredible season of racing with the EXR Racing Series."

The new series, first announced late in 2015, offers accessible arrive-and-drive racing in the brand new EXR LV02 race car. Competition takes the form of either short and fast Sprints or Endurance races lasting between two and six hours.

"Our original vision was to run our first season on our home tracks in Las Vegas and Los Angeles but, as we heard from more drivers that they wanted to race their favorite tracks, we accelerated our plan to travel the series," said Thievin.

The objective of the EXR Racing Series is to make motorsport accessible to anyone who has shared the dream of becoming a racing driver. Drivers can opt to run one race, the whole season, or test the car either on the permanent Exotics Racing Los Angeles track or at special EXR Racing Series track days held at select venues throughout the season.

The EXR Racing Series provides every driver in the field with a full complement of the best equipment and any training needed to get started, including a licensing program. The brand new fleet of EXR LV02 cars, purpose-built tracks, excellent trackside facilities, personalized coaching and skilled technicians are all supplied. Arrive-and-drive weekend experiences are available for $9,990 for two full races. Vehicles are also available for purchase from the EXR Racing Series, with service packages designed to simplify the racing experience and maximize the fun factor.

To secure the best racing venues, the series is working with Speed Ventures, a motorsport group operating out of California that has been organizing track events since 2001.

"We are very pleased to host the EXR Racing Series. They are offering one-of-a-kind arrive-and-drive competitions that will give road races unprecedented opportunities in 2016. I urge developing and experienced racers alike to consider participation. We look forward to an exciting year with EXR Racing Series," said Aaron Bitterman, CEO of Speed Ventures.

The EXR LV02 is a lightweight, rear-wheel drive machine that is as easy and fun to drive as it is rewarding for novices and pros. The car is a proven performer in Europe's MitJet Series. It features a sedan-style body over a tube-frame chassis, a six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shift, and an enviable power-to-weight ratio. The next-level racing car, the more powerful EXR LV03, features a V6 engine, more horsepower and slick tires. It is also available for testing, with a dedicated series planned for 2017.

"We searched around the world for the best car for our series and are excited to introduce the EXR LV02 to the U.S. market," said series co-founder David Perisset. "This is a race car that has a very strong history with MitJet, one of the most successful series in Europe over the past decade, and we know people are going to enjoy racing it here in the United States."

It is expected that the series will attract entrants ranging from gentlemen racers and professional drivers looking for a new challenge, to motorsport newcomers. By providing support to drivers of all skill and experience levels at every step of their careers, the series also hopes to offer a venue for beginning drivers looking to climb the ladder to the professional ranks. "Young drivers who want to build their skills as racers will find everything they need right here in the EXR Racing Series," said Thievin.

As part of the series' commitment to uncovering new talent, organizers are giving away a fully funded 2017 season to a driver who proves their skill. Novices participating in EXR LV02 test sessions are invited to submit their best laps to the EXR Racing Series leaderboard. The fastest drivers will be invited to a year-end shootout where they will have the chance to compete for the full-season scholarship.

In addition, the winner of the 2016 EXR Racing Series is awarded a funded 2017 season in the more powerful cousin of the EXR LV02, the EXR LV03.

The series culminates in an exciting Las Vegas Superfinal four-day event at the end of the season where racers from a wide variety of competition backgrounds will battle it out for cash and prizes.

EXR Racing Series 2016 Schedule*

16 races over eight weekends at incredible racetracks

April 29-30, May 1 / Circuit Of The Americas / Austin, Texas
May 20-22 / Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca / Salinas, California

June 11-12 / Auto Club Speedway at Fontana Roval / Fontana, California

July 16-17 / Sonoma Raceway / Sonoma, California
August 5-7 / Utah / NASA Utah
September 17-18 / Buttonwillow Raceway Park / Buttonwillow, California
October 1-2 / Auto Club Speedway at Fontana Roval / Fontana, Californa
November 11-13 / Las Vegas, Nevada

*Subject to change

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