ART Grand Prix’s Charles Leclerc fastest overall in Yas Marina

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc posted the quickest time in both the morning and afternoon session on the third and final day of post-season testing. His best laptime of 1:54.571 was 0.220ss faster than Kevin Joerg (testing for Arden International). Jake Hughes was third (Arden).

On day three of testing around the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, there was one new face to the line-up: Argentine Marcos Siebert came in to test the #20 Jenzer Motorsport machine. Koiranen GP's Matthew Parry led early on in the session ahead of Leclerc – the Monegasque driver returning to the French squad for the final day of the test.

Parry was first to dip into the 1m55's until Hughes went top. The Arden tester improved on his next lap to increase the deficit to Parry to 0.164s. There was a short stoppage in proceedings when Santino Ferrucci (Status Grand Prix) stopped on track.

Once the track was green, Joerg wasted no time in heading to the top of the timesheet to lap three tenths faster than Hughes. There was a second red flag period when Nabil Jeffri (Koiranen GP) made contact with the barrier at Turn 20 and damaged his rear wing.

Leclerc soon rose to second and on the following lap he climbed to the head of the timings as fellow ART GP tester Albon lapped third quickest. At the checkered flag Leclerc remained on top ahead of Joerg, Albon, Hughes, Leonardo Pulcini (Trident), Parry, Jack Aitken (Status Grand Prix), Konstantin Tereshchenko (Campos Racing), Ralph Boschung (Arden International) and Antonio Fuoco (Status).

As the final session of the season got underway – Boschung set the initial pace before Leclerc returned to the top spot. Hughes was first to break into the 1m55's before Albon bettered his time with Joerg up to third. Leclerc again showed his pace to re-take P1 with him and Albon trading the top spot numerous times as they both gained time. Swiss rookie Joerg lapped a tenth faster than the pair, but it was only a matter of moments before Leclerc reclaimed the head of the timesheet with the best time of the three day test-session. The Monegasque debutant was first set to set a time within the 1:54's which was six tenths faster than Joerg.

The Arden tester responded to close the margin down to two tenths as the clock ticked down but we and the remainder of the field were unable to challenge the marker laid down by Leclerc. At the checkered flag behind Leclerc and Joerg were: Pulcini, Tereshchenko, Albon, Parry, Aitken, Steijn Schothorst (Trident) and Santino Ferrucci (Status Grand Prix).

Yas Marina: Day 3
Morning Results

Pos Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Charles Leclerc ART Grand Prix 1:55.115 22
2. Kevin Joerg Arden International 1:55.173 23
3. Alex Albon ART Grand Prix 1:55.485 29
4. Jake Hughes Arden International 1:55.488 19
5. Leonardo Pulcini Trident 1:55.605 33
6. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:55.652 22
7. Jack Aitken Status Grand Prix 1:55.836 24
8. Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:55.849 23
9. Ralph Boschung Arden International 1:55.987 27
10. Antonio Fuoco Status Grand Prix 1:56.069 21
11. Nabil Jeffri Koiranen GP 1:56.158 22
12. Steijn Schothorst Trident 1:56.241 30
13. Santino Ferrucci Status Grand Prix 1:56.605 21
14. Giuliano Alesi Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.729 24
15. Matevos Isaakyan Koiranen GP 1:56.861 4
16. Will Palmer ART Grand Prix 1:56.994 27
17. Nico Rindlisbacher Jenzer Motorsport 1:57.185 26
18. Mahaveer Raghunathan Trident 1:57.221 30
19. Antoni Ptak Campos Racing 1:57.250 30
20. Marcos Siebert Jenzer Motorsport 1:57.390 30
21. Rahul Raj Mayer Campos Racing 1:57.599 35

Afternoon Results

Pos Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Charles Leclerc ART Grand Prix 1:54.571 38
2. Kevin Joerg Arden International 1:54.791 27
3. Jake Hughes Arden International 1:54.927 24
4. Leonardo Pulcini Trident 1:55.174 34
5. Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:55.334 28
6. Alex Albon ART Grand Prix 1:55.370 35
7. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:55.402 26
8. Jack Aitken Status Grand Prix 1:55.438 29
9. Steijn Schothorst Trident 1:55.481 29
10. Santino Ferrucci Status Grand Prix 1:55.790 31
11. Ralph Boschung Arden International 1:55.799 22
12. Will Palmer ART Grand Prix 1:55.910 34
13. Antonio Fuoco Status Grand Prix 1:55.929 25
14. Matevos Isaakyan Koiranen GP 1:56.190 11
15. Mahaveer Raghunathan Trident 1:56.454 36
16. Marcos Siebert Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.573 30
17. Nico Rindlisbacher Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.695 37
18. Giuliano Alesi Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.772 37
19. Rahul Raj Mayer Campos Racing 1:57.146 35
20. Antoni Ptak Campos Racing 1:57.161 35
21. Nabil Jeffri Koiranen GP 1:58.173 20

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