GP2: Latifi quickest on Day 2 at Yas Marina

Nicholas Latifi
Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi topped the second day of post-season testing at Yas Marina Circuit: at the wheel of a DAMS car, the Canadian clocked in a laptime of 1:47.860 in the final stages of the evening session. Norman Nato and Sergey Sirotkin completed the top three.

Day 2 of post-season testing opened at 12.00 in hot temperatures and with the twenty-four cars on Medium tires. Some familiar faces returned to the field whilst some drivers switched teams. It was Richie Stanaway who set the pace in the opening minutes for Carlin, but Pierre Gasly who has switched to RUSSIAN TIME for the day, went top with a laptime 0.244s better than the New Zealander. However, the Frenchman did not sit pretty at the top for too long after Latifi (DAMS) found some extra pace. P1 was then claimed by Negrao at the wheel of the Rapax car with a laptime of 1:49.103.

Forty minutes into the session, the proceedings were briefly halted to collect some debris at Turn 1. At the re-start, Latifi went quickest leaving Negrao 0.078s behind. But with one hour left in the session, Markelov also improved to head the time-sheet just before a second red flag period which was caused by Mitch Evans stopping his Campos car on the track. The track went live again but was quickly red flagged for a third time after Gasly stopped at the exit of Turn 7.

The remainder of the session was trouble free and at the checkered flag behind Markelov were: Latifi, Negrao, Stanaway, Gasly Nick Yelloly (MP Motorsport), Nato (ART Grand Prix), Alex Fontana (Status Grand Prix), Sergey Sirotkin (Rapax) and Dean Stoneman (Carlin) completing the top ten.

The evening session opened at night time and in cooler temperatures. There was one driver change as Antonio Giovinazzi replaced Stanaway at Carlin. Alex Lynn set the early pace ahead of Markelov before Yelloly dipped under 1m49s to go top, but Markelov improved on the next lap to edge the Brit out. Thirty minutes into the session, Felix Rosenqvist made contact with the barrier halting the proceedings whilst the marshals repaired the tech pro.

The track went live again with 1h20min left before the checkered flag. Sirotkin was able to improve and put his Rapax car at the top of the timings as his teammate Negrao moved up to P2. In the closing stages, Latifi found some extra pace to break the 1m48s barrier and with a laptime of 1:47.860 claimed the top spot. Nato also improved to take P2 – one tenth slower than the Canadian driver.

Behind the pair, Sirotkin, Lynn, Yelloly, Negrao, Gasly, Markelov, Evans and King completed the top ten. Tomorrow’s session will once again start at 12.00 and will run until 14.30. The proceedings will resume then at 18.00 and will end at 20.30.

Morning results

Pos Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Artem Markelov RUSSIAN TIME 1:49.008 21
2. Nicholas Latifi DAMS 1:49.025 35
3. André Negrao Rapax 1:49.103 24
4. Richie Stanaway Carlin 1:49.137 23
5. Pierre Gasly RUSSIAN TIME 1:49.205 13
6. Nick Yelloly MP Motorsport 1:49.270 22
7. Norman Nato ART Grand Prix 1:49.318 32
8. Alex Fontana Status Grand Prix 1:49.392 23
9. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 1:49.570 27
10. Dean Stoneman Carlin 1:49.596 13
11. Luca Ghiotto Racing Engineering 1:49.614 29
12. Jimmy Eriksson Arden International 1:49.695 32
13. Jordan King Racing Engineering 1:49.717 25
14. Gustav Malja Arden International 1:49.895 25
15. Mitch Evans Campos Racing 1:49.910 16
16. Marlon Stockinger ART Grand Prix 1:49.991 30
17. Oliver Rowland PREMA Racing 1:50.347 24
18. Richard Gonda MP Motorsport 1:50.362 28
19. Sean Gelael Campos Racing 1:50.375 31
20. Felix Rosenqvist PREMA Racing 1:50.461 20
21. Artur Janosz Trident 1:50.807 23
22. Philo Armand Status Grand Prix 1:51.667 22
23 Zoel Amberg Trident 1:52.192 13
24. Alex Lynn DAMS 1:53.358 29

Afternoon results

Pos Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Nicholas Latifi DAMS 1:47.860 27
2. Norman Nato ART Grand Prix 1:48.035 28
3. Sergey Sirotkin Rapax 1:48.108 28
4. Alex Lynn DAMS 1:48.265 24
5. Nick Yelloly MP Motorsport 1:48.297 19
6. André Negrao Arden International 1:48.247 27
7. Pierre Gasly RUSSIAN TIME 1:48.356 31
8. Artem Markelov RUSSIAN TIME 1:48.691 21
9. Mitch Evans Campos Racing 1:48.696 29
10. Jordan King Racing Engineering 1:48.754 16
11. Jimmy Eriksson Arden International 1:48.769 21
12. Marlon Stockinger ART Grand Prix 1:48.887 27
13. Dean Stoneman Carlin 1:49.060 26
14. Alex Fontana Status Grand Prix 1:49.119 26
15. Oliver Rowland PREMA Racing 1:49.156 17
16. Richard Gonda MP Motorsport 1:49.278 22
17. Felix Rosenqvist PREMA Racing 1:49.296 11
18. Antonio Giovinazzi Carlin 1:49.363 31
19. Gustav Malja Arden International 1:49.378 22
20. Sean Gelael Campos Racing 1:49.549 31
21. Luca Ghiotto Racing Engineering 1:49.570 26
22. Artur Janosz Trident 1:49.759 23
23. Philo Armand Status Grand Prix 1:50.834 28

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