NHRA Making Changes To Comp Eliminator

GLENDORA, Calif. — Bolstering its initiative to increase sportsman participation, NHRA is announcing changes for Competition Eliminator beginning in 2016.

Changes are being made to the Competition Index Control system that was originally introduced in the eliminator in 1990.

"Competition Eliminator is truly one of the most unique categories, in that it offers all out racing between a wide variety of classes of vehicles and engine combinations," said Josh Peterson, vice president, racing administration. "We want more competitors to participate in this category. The Competition Index Control system has undergone several changes over the years, yet is the best means to maintain parity between the 100 different class combinations. We think these adjustments to the CIC system will increase participation and improve competition in the class."

The changes are as follows:

— All classes will have .10-second added to the class index at the end of the 2015 season.

— The "Mineshaft" policy introduced a few years ago to decrease the potential for index adjustments when favorable atmospheric and/or track conditions may contribute to extraordinary performances will now include any event where the first entry in the bottom half of the qualified field is .610 under the racer’s class index. Previously the policy only applied in fields of 13 or more cars.

— A new "Personal Index" is being added to the CIC system, to decrease the potential for class index adjustments when favorable conditions at an event may contribute to extraordinary performances that may not be the case in other parts of the country. The personal index will be applied when an individual records a .610 under or greater run during eliminations. The class index will only be adjusted when a run of .710 or greater is recorded during eliminations. Both will be adjusted on .01 increments with no plateaus up to a .10 maximum adjustment per event to a class index.

— Once a driver establishes a personal index in two classes, that driver is restricted to competition in the affected classes only and will not be allowed to compete in any other Comp class for the remainder of the current season. If a driver establishes a personal index in only a single class, the driver will be allowed to compete in any Comp class.

— All qualifying will be based off of the class index. Any elimination run between cars in the same class will be heads up based off of the class index.

NHRA will continue to monitor indexes and performances and will make necessary adjustments at any time that it may deem necessary to maintain parity in the eliminator.

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