Massa reluctant to race if conditions don’t improve

Felipe Massa concluded this morning's shortened qualifying session in 9th position but the Brazilian admitted being reluctant to race if conditions in Austin don't improve in the next couple of hours.

"I believe they definitely took too much risk this afternoon as conditions in Q2 were too dangerous and it was very easy to crash," said the Williams driver.

Massa had already voiced his concerns to race director Charlie Whiting yesterday when faced with dismal conditions in FP3, and he will do the same today suggesting it will not be safe to race if the weather remains unchanged on the build up to this afternoon's race.

"I didn't understand why they didn't bring out the red flag yesterday in the practice as it was impossible to drive in the end."
"I honestly hope he (Charlie Whiting) isn't taking the same consideration for the race because otherwise we might have a big accident."

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