Holdup on IndyCar engine deals

A reader asks, Dear AR1.com, I am getting concerned that Honda and Chevy have not yet renewed for next year. I know Honda is holding out for the aero kit changes they requested. What is going on? Should I be concerned? Steve D. Columbus, Ohio

Dear Steve, IndyCar should not be signing any new engine or TV deals right now. As I wrote when I broke the story on the X1 proposal for IndyCar, the X1 group had big plans for IndyCar, including a new TV deal, new cars and new engines all starting in 2018 or 2019.

Until they know if the X1 deal is going to come together, and in what form, they should not be signing any deals that extend out past 2018. If the X1 deal comes together, Honda and Chevy will be given an opportunity to supply exciting new screaming engines that X1 wants, but if they don't want to participate, X1 is more than happy to contract all the engines out to a Cosworth or an Ilmor.

X1 also wants canopies on the cars as they don't want their 'star' drivers killed off. You lose fans every time a driver is killed. If the Juan Montoyas of the world don't want to drive IndyCars with canopies, they could retire and tend to their cabbage and tomato garden. There are plenty of good drivers out there who would sell their first born to take over Montoya's Penske ride. Funny how Montoya drove those taxi cabs all those years with a roof and windshield, which serve the same function as a canopy. You don't see NASCAR racing convertibles. Mark C. reporting for AR1.com

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