Kenseth, Logano comment on contact at Kansas

Logano spins Kenseth. Paybacks are a bitch
Logano spins Kenseth. Paybacks are a bitch

What happened between yourself and Joey Logano in the closing laps?
Kenseth: "It's hard to drive a car with the rear tires off the ground. I was moving around the best I could, Joey (Logano) was a lot tighter, a lot faster on the short run, but we were so much better on the long run. I could still kind of get up to the top and get a run and get around him. We caught those two lapped cars, 'Crazy' (spotter) told me I was clear and I was, I pulled up in front of him and he just lifted my tires off the ground and he wrecked us."

What will you talk to Joey Logano about after the incident?
Kenseth: "I won't talk to Joey (Logano), I don't have anything to talk to him about really. You make decisions every day, you make decisions every minute behind the wheel. To me strategically, that doesn't seem like such a great decision for him, but it's the one he made and that's how he wanted to win. I'm one of the only guys that I think hasn't been into yet with Joey and I've always raced him with a ton of respect, I've actually been one of his biggest fans – I'm certainly not anymore, but I always was. It's a shame, I'm glad the cars not wrecked, we'll just go onto Talladega and race them there."(Toyota Racing)

Take us through what happened with Matt and the laps before:
Logano: "It was just hard racing. He raced me really hard. I raced him the same way he raced me. It was a lot of fun out there racing for a win like that. The cars were very fast, equally paired and I couldn't be more proud of what this Shell/Pennzoil team is doing right now. We're such a fast race car, such a great team. We've showed it two weeks in a row now and this is a lot of fun. We've just got to ride this wave and we've got to get to Homestead still."

You got to him and then fell back, and then caught back up. What happened at that point?
Logano: "He came up and started taking my air away, as he should, and I had to kind of adjust what I was doing and try to find a fast way back to him. I was able to get those runs back to him and get back to him."(Ford Racing)

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