Comments from Aric Almirola on the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rules Package

Aric Almirola

"I really like the new rules package. It's a package that really puts the drivers more in control during the race. In the past, we've just flat-footed at the mile-and-a-half tracks, but now, you're working the gas and using the brake more, which allows for more passing. It's going to be more exciting for us, the fans and the sport overall. I really give credit to NASCAR for listening to the drivers and all the stakeholders in the sport. They studied it, took their time to get the best package possible and have now made a decision that's really the best for everyone. I think it's a big plus for our sport.

"I really enjoyed what we raced at Kentucky and Darlington earlier this year. In those races, the rules package provided more passing and brought a lot more excitement for the fans. It was really good for our team, too. Our cars were faster with that rules package, so I'm thrilled to see how we race with it next year."

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