Earnhardt Jr. announces partnership with TrueTimber Camo

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

INMAN, S.C. (Oct. 9, 2015) – TrueTimber® and Earnhardt Outdoors announced today that NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. will become the face of TrueTimber Camo, a product innovator of realistic camouflage patterns that offers better concealment and versatility in the outdoors. The landmark deal for Earnhardt Jr. includes an investment for an equity partnership in TrueTimber with partners Rusty Sellars, the founder, and Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops.

"As most people know, my family has a longstanding passion for the outdoors," said Earnhardt Jr., winner of 48 NASCAR-sanctioned races and currently a contender in the 2015 NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. "TrueTimber has created top-of-the-line products and established itself as innovator of the most realistic camo designs. I feel like there is unlimited potential for us to grow the company to become the leader in the outdoor marketplace, and that’s our goal."

To celebrate his new affiliation with TrueTimber, Earnhardt Jr. today launched his own personal Instagram account. (Find Earnhardt Jr. on Instagram at @DaleJr or https://instagram.com/dalejr/). The very first photos on the account show Earnhardt Jr. donned in hunters camouflage – a look befit for an Earnhardt.

"The Earnhardt family has long had a strong connection to the outdoors and this new partnership," said Sellars. "TrueTimber prides itself on being a family business, and as such, one of the concepts I’m most looking forward to is developing TrueTimber products that directly celebrate the family’s outdoors heritage."

TrueTimber will be heavily involved with Earnhardt Outdoors, a lifestyle brand started by siblings Kerry Earnhardt, Kelley Earnhardt Miller and Earnhardt Jr., to share outdoors traditions. Earnhardt Outdoors will feature TrueTimber Camo exclusively. Additionally, there will be TrueTimber-branded licensed merchandise featuring Earnhardt Jr. and other teams and drivers.

TrueTimber is based in Inman, S.C. and founded by Sellars, his wife, Paige Sellars, and their sons Hunter and Cody Sellars. TrueTimber Camo products are available across the U.S. and Canada at truetimber.com, the JR Nation Retail Store, the JR Nation online store, Bass Pro Shops, NASCAR.com, and other outdoor retailers.

"TrueTimber already has a solid platform for success thanks to the hard work put in by Rusty and his family," said Kelley Earnhardt Miller. "We believe in the TrueTimber brand and look forward to this new relationship and how it will further enhance its visibility. We’re also excited about TrueTimber’s alignment with Earnhardt Outdoors. Not only are we both family operations, but there is a lot of crossover appeal between the two and it offers immense potential with the brand."

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