McDowell hits safety truck

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell clipped a safety truck on the high side of the track on Lap 291. He was a lapped-down car, and as the leaders dove down pit road, McDowell didn't know that the safety truck was on the track. The safety crew reported to NASCAR race control that they were not injured. "I jumped on the brakes and started to slide, and then the cars in front of me all pulled down, and it was just too late for me," McDowell said.

"I had no idea the safety truck was there. I think a lot of guys were trying to pull up to get to pit road, and a lot of lapped guys jumped on the brakes. It was just my mistake, obviously. I'm driving it. I take full responsibility for it. But it definitely caught me off guard. … I'm thankful nobody got hurt. I'm embarrassed for my team." ESPN

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