AR1 talks with Chip Ganassi

Chip Ganassi

Brian Carroccio and Pete McCole spoke with Chip Ganassi Racing Teams owner Chip Ganassi here at Richmond International Raceway before this evening's Federated Auto Parts 400. Below, are a few highlights from our discussion with Ganassi.

AR1: First off, congratulations on winning the IndyCar championship two weeks ago at Sonoma. Also, how are you? (Ganassi broke his clavicle last weekend)

Chip Ganassi: I'm fine.

AR1: There have been some rumors about IndyCar, X1 and Sim racing. Do you have any thoughts on that?

CG: I only know what I read on AR1, you know….I don't know anybody involved in it, I don't have any details, I wish I could help you out.

AR1: There has also been a rumor that you might be involved with an effort to purchase the series as well…

CG: I don't know where that rumor started either, but that was a good one. At least X1 might have some legs, I can assure you the other one has no legs."

AR1: Would you like to see someone come in and try to take control of the series?

CG: I don't know if that would be the ultimate answer. It depends who it is and what they want to do. I think there are some positive things going on right now with the TV ratings up, there seems to be some excitement around the series, manufacturers seem like they're happy.

AR1: You brought up manufacturers for IndyCar. Have you secured your engine manufacturer for 2016? (Recall this AR1 rumor from last month)

CG: That's none of your business. I don't talk about that stuff with you guys, don't take it personally.

AR1: Going back to Sonoma a couple of weeks, I noticed you seemed to have the drivers all on different strategies. Was there any plan going into the race to help Dixon out?

CG: Look, I think it's obvious that the other guys if they could have helped Dixon, would have wanted to. But the worst thing you can do is make a plan, because no one's plans work if the yellows fall a certain way. Everyone ran their own race and knew what they had to do. I thought it was most interesting that Saavedra led laps, and got that point for leading laps. Arguably, that helped Dixon lead the most laps.

Chip Ganassi was very complimentary of Sebastian Saavedra

AR1: I thought Saavedra did well in limited action this year. Could you elaborate on how Saavedra did and how he impressed the team.

CG: Yeah, I thought he did a great job. There's a guy who has a lot of talent, doesn't get in trouble and seems to do a great job. He's a talent that other teams should be looking at him if they're not already. I don't want them to look too good at them, but he's certainly a talent."

AR1: With tonight's race, you have the possibility of weather in the area, you see some any crazy pit strategies coming on late in the race.

CG: I don't think it’s going to be late in the race, it will be all during the race. Guys are going to want to try things; guys that haven't won races they got nothing to lose tonight?

AR1: So, you don't want your guys taking it easy tonight…

CG: Hell no! I want to see them do whatever it takes to win. Call the race to win, don't call the race to finish 8th.

AR1: Thank you for the time, and best of luck tonight.

CG: Thank you.

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