Stewart’s attorney submits potential witness list in wrongful death suit

Paperwork filed by Tony Stewart's attorney Friday lists a number of possible witnesses who could testify in the wrongful death lawsuit Stewart faces and what information they could provide. The information is a part of request by Stewart's side to transfer the case from U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York to the federal court overseeing the Western District of New York. In the filing, Stewart's attorney lists individuals expected to be key witnesses in the case. They are:

  • John Abraham, an investigator for Ontario County (N.Y.), who took Stewart's statement shortly after the accident.
  • Brad Falkey, a detective with the Ontario County Sheriff's office who interviewed Stewart regarding the incident.
  • Kevin Henderson, Ontario County coroner who performed the autopsy on Ward.
  • Deputy William Martin of Ontario County Sheriff's office and is stated as being the lead investigator in the criminal investigation of Ward's death.
  • Michael Rago of the Ontario County Sheriff's office, the first law enforcement official to speak with Stewart regarding the Aug. 9, 2014 incident.

The motion also lists eyewitnesses and other non-party witnesses whose testimony may be pertinent in the matter. NBC Sports

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