Saturday morning update from Sonoma

The weather has sure changed from yesterday here in the wine country. Driving into the track, there was a mist on the windshield but it was only from the fog layer that is normal here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Current temperature is 66 degrees and cloudy. High should be only 82 today. Rain is much needed in California since they have been in a drought for four years now. In 2014, harvested acreage was 6.9 million acres, about 8 percent lower than the average over the past 15 years.

And a familiar face came to breakfast this morning, James Hinchcliffe. He has finally cleaned up his god-awful looking beard and looks like himself now.

The IndyCars are scheduled for practice at 10:45 am to morning.

More updates to come from this pretty area of California this afternoon. Lucille Dust reporting from Sonoma for

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