Heat a factor with Indy rules package

Kyle Busch unbeatable right now
Kyle Busch unbeatable right now

Kyle Busch continued his hot streak with a win at Indy. Busch and the rest of the field were all full of hot air at the Brickyard. The cars were extremely hot inside the cockpit because the aerodynamic package trapped air inside. Busch was one of many drivers physically drained following Saturday's race, and Sunday's Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway seemed to have the same consequence.

This same rules package is scheduled to be used next month at Michigan. "I got a huge blister on my foot," Logano said. "I think the extended bumper cover on the back of these things doesn't let the airflow underneath the car like it used to without it, and I think it builds the inside temperature up. I've got sweat in my eyes. It's just too hot inside those cars."

Teams had their choice to seal openings in the window used for hoses that supply air to the driver. With the window sealed, the car would have the needed downforce for the package used at Indy. The drivers paid for it with a sweaty Sunday.

Landon Cassill held his own "science experiment" and weighed himself before and after the race. His pre-race weight was 155.4 pounds. Cassill, who said he consumed 110 ounces of fluids and 1,100 calories, weighed 147.4 pounds after the race.

"That's a 10% gross loss of body weight, getting it back to 5% with fluid replacement. I think I'd like to see closer to 3%," he tweeted. He also tweeted: "few more stats from the 110oz of fluids I took in…1,100 Cal, 1,978mg of sodium, 264g Carbs, 572mg Potassium." Associated Press

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