Update from Iowa

This is going to be a short update bullet-point style as we are between a few scheduled obligations here.

• I asked 2nd place qualifier Tony Kanaan if the new aero-kits, and the fact teams have run three daylight sessions this weekend meant tonight’s race will be something of an unknown. Although he noted that teams have a decent baseline from before, T.K. essentially agreed. He also noted that because of this, he expects "teams to take a conservative approach, especially early."

• Ryan Briscoe told us after qualifying that the mandated aero package for Iowa, worked more in the favor of Chevrolet than Honda.

• During qualifying many of the teams that went out early were conservative in their setup. Drivers who went out late, particularly the teammates of those who went early, had an advantage.

• We asked Will Power and Tristan Vautier if the bump between 1 and 2 was any different than from prior years. Both told us no difference.

• The pole position was the 44th of Helio Castroneves’ career.

• Last, we heard that Conor Daly found out Ryan Briscoe would be driving the #5 SPM Honda for the remainder of 2015 watching one of the race television broadcasts.

Brian C reporting from Iowa.

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