Priv8teer Unveils New Marketing Campaign And Website announces a redevelopment of its website to coincide with an equally important shift in its business objectives. Long viewed as a website that championed the cause of privateer racers everywhere, Priv8teer will now focus on modernizing its marketing objectives while simultaneously contributing new benefits to those who become affiliated with the campaign.

Under the direction of veteran motorsport marketing agency, Mackey Marketing Group, Priv8teer will select eight drivers/riders to represent what is being called the "Priv8teer 8." This grouping of disparate racers from radically different forms of motorsport will serve as the basis for a centralized core of motorsport promotion. Each motorsport campaign selected will be individually and collectively promoted to raise the profile of each singular participant as well as provide far greater levels of awareness and fan interaction from the group as a whole.

"By placing all eight racing campaigns under the umbrella promotion of Priv8teer, we believe that we can reach far larger audiences with more influence and opportunity for fan interaction," said agency president, Brian Mackey. "There is consistency of message that is unavailable to racers competing individually without this themed approach. Our goal is to amplify the commercial messaging at each event and then effectively multiplying that by what we call 'the power of 8.'"

This more fan interactive approach is part of the agency's primary focus on development of campaigns that seek new ways to create marketing value from motorsport participation. is another example of changing the principal marketing benefit from an exposure branding value to one that reflects a more interactive fan engagement. Greater use of social media combined with on-sight promotion, involved interaction amid eight varied motorsport campaigns all serve as the foundation to solidify marketing capability.

"The Priv8teer 8 will be marketed as a single entity delivering eight varied racing campaigns," added Mackey. "We believe that the added framework established by the variety of motorsport properties will be significant to potential marketing partners. It creates a value added benefit of greater efficiency that cannot be duplicated in the more singular approach to sponsorship."

For each sponsor signed to the Priv8teer 8, each participant will share in sponsor revenue attained as well as commission revenue to Mackey Marketing Group.

"This campaign is not envisioned as a means to completely satisfy a modern day motorsport budget, but it is viewed as a potential source of innovative revenue generated for the benefit of the racers," said Mackey.

For the drivers/ riders selected to be one of the Priv8teer 8, there is no cost. Each is selected based upon criteria that include active motorsport participation, high energy levels of promotional awareness, sport marketing acumen and integrity as well as savvy ability to interact with race fan audiences. Importantly, each participant is free to develop and maintain their own internal marketing independently from Priv8teer without restriction.

"It was important to incorporate a method whereby racers can continue with their own priorities without overlap from Priv8teer," said Mackey. "Our main contribution to these racers will be increased visibility as a whole that will help them with their own internal marketing efforts while, hopefully benefiting from a valuable new source of sponsor revenue from Priv8teer."

Racers interested in being considered for the Priv8teer 8 should send their team, series and driver/rider background information to Priv8teer's Email address ( To date, two of the Priv8teer 8 have been selected, with two others likely. Priv8teer is actively requesting information on available drivers in high profile Dirt Late Model, Sprint Cars, Stock Cars (ARCA or NASCAR), NHRA and single-seat open-wheel road racing. All submissions welcome.

No phone calls please.

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