Alonso: 2015 lost, McLaren should focus on 2016

Fernando Alonso getting familiar with a back of the grid view

Fernando Alonso believes McLaren should focus its attentions on 2016 since the 2015 season is lost for the team. While Sebastian Vettel and his former team Ferrari are keeping Mercedes honest at the front, McLaren and Alonso are making friends with the back of the grid.

"With the position we are in and the performance we have, I think concentrating on next year is the clever option for us now," said Alonso when quoted by Autosport.

"I don’t have any problem starting every single race from the pit lane if we keep improving the car.

"That’s the main priority now, to concentrate on next year’s performance, so let’s see what the team can offer.

"I do think the progress has been quite amazing until now, so the second part of the season is a question mark for us, but we are all very optimistic."

McLaren could be set for a boost in the coming races with Honda confirming further updates to its power unit this week.
The Japanese manufacturer has spent two of its engine development tokens as it bids to close the gap to the rest of the paddock.

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