IndyCar TV ratings dropping in 2015

The NBC Sports network TV ratings have been down for 2015 and ABC has been a mixed bag, but down overall. The conclusion is that the series is shrinking and not growing, an ominous sign.

The final ratings are in from last weekend. ABC drew 1.16 million viewers for the second race of the Verizon IndyCar Series Chevy Dual in Detroit on Sunday, while Saturday's first race drew 845,000 viewers. Those races marked the last IndyCar telecasts scheduled for ABC this season. Sunday's audience was up from 1.0 million viewers last year, while Saturday was down from 1.39 million viewers. Despite an increase for the Indianapolis 500 this year, ABC's five IndyCar races this season saw a 20% viewership drop compared to '14 (1.94 million viewers vs. 2.42 million viewers)

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