Formula 1’s Revenue From ’99-13 Totaled $16.2B

Bernie's empire

New research indicates that revenue at F1 has "raced to a total" of $16.2B over the past 15 years, "outstripping its closest rival the FIFA World Cup," according to Christian Sylt for FORBES.

The window of comparison between the two "is significant" as it is covers the period from the appointment of "embattled" FIFA President Sepp Blatter in '98. Although the reports have been "far from glowing, much has been made" of Blatter's track record transforming FIFA's finances and "along the way reportedly becoming the most powerful man in world sport."

In fact, F1 and its CEO Bernie Ecclestone "leaves FIFA in its dust." FIFA's total revenue of $14.5B since '99 is a "major milestone but nothing on F1." The ultimate parent company of F1 is Delta Topco, which is based on the offshore island of Jersey. Topco's revenue "comes from six sources."

Starting "at the bottom," sales of vending and concession stands at tracks brought in $33.9M in '13, the "latest year for which accounts are available."

Junior series GP2 made a total of $34.1M from selling cars and parts to its teams while F1's corporate hospitality outfit the Paddock Club had revenue of $87.8M.

Next up is $259M from selling trackside advertising at each race and sponsorship of the series.

Topco's total revenue was $1.7B in '13 and it is "a world away from F1's performance 15 years earlier."

Between '99 and '13 F1's revenue came to a total of $16.2B, which "already outstrips FIFA's even though it does not include the amount" for '14 unlike its rival. Forbes

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