Disappointed with Grand Prix of Indy

A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, The victory lane celebration for the Grand Prix of Indy was depressing. No fans where hanging out and just a few crew members. It was actually quite embarrassing. IndyCar is trying to pass the series off as important to Motorsports. What I saw was a joke. Boring to watch too. I don't know how Roger Penske keeps a straight face when being interviewed about the race. The view I had sucked and basically could only see cars for 5% of the track.

Watching the monitor is stupid. If I wanted to watch TV, I could have stayed home. F1 fabricates victory celebrations too. Nascar gets winning the race a big deal and it shows. With the exception of the Indy 500, IndyCar has very few fans from where I am sitting. I'd been better off taking a nap. MotoGP and V8 supercars is the best "racing" on the planet. Russell Lynas

Dear Russell, Attendance dropped for the 2nd running of this race, but the threat of thunderstorms may have kept a lot of people away. There was some good racing going on but not a lot of passing, so the race was a bit boring. If Will Power was not in the race, the fight for 2nd between Rahal, Montoya, Bourdais and Pagenaud, which would have been the fight for the win, was actually very good.

With that said, there is no question that instead of running on the road course during the month of May before perhaps 40,000, they should be ending the season on the Indy oval with a 400-miler that would easily draw over 100,000 fans. IndyCar diehards complain about the lack of ovals on the schedule – well there is a gift horse looking them straight in the face and the IndyCar brass can't see it. Mark C.

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