IndyCar Barber TV Rating (Update)

UPDATE Last year's Barber race drew 400,000 viewers so this year's 0.25 rating (300,000 viewers) represents a loss of 100,000 viewers, a 25% drop as IndyCar and its boring quiet non-screaming engines appear to be losing fans at an alarming rate now….not unlike F1. The visceral experience 'thrill' is gone.

04/27/15 The TV rating for Sunday's Grand Prix of Alabama from Barber Motorsports Park shown live at 3:30 PM on NBC Sports Network was a dismal 0.25……as the NBCSN noose around IndyCar's neck continues to tighten.

The sad part is that it was a fantastic race that hardly anyone saw. AR1 has said that all IndyCar races need to be on network TV, but the powers to be in IndyCar prefer to feed at the NBCSN money trough.

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