Good Morning from NOLA (Update)



Highlights from the KV Racing Stefano Coletti press conference announcing his new sponsor for this race:

On passing Zones For New Orleans: The best place to pass is turn 1, then between turns 3 and 4 and also after braking on the back straight.

On his missing Chevrolet winglets (2) at the end of the race in St Pete. Did they make a difference in the car? I lost both winglets when Ryan Hunter-Reay did not slow down. They make a difference in the fast corners but not slow corners. You can run without them, you just need to add more front wing on your next pit stop."

On his pit stops in St. Pete: Kevin Kalkhoven jokingly said, "Stefano needs to work on his pit stops." Stefano replied, "Yeah, I missed the mark where I was supposed to stop. I would come into the pits in the top 10 and leave the pits in the last 10 positions." Lucille Dust reporting from NOLA Motorsports Park for AutoRacing1

04/10/15 A good morning to all of our loyal readers from a hot, steamy NOLA Motorsport Park in Avondale, Louisiana. KV Racing Technology and Stefano Coletti are meeting the media now to announce their partnership this weekend with Variable Bore Rams, a Louisiana-based oil rental tools company.

We bumped into three-time Indy 500 winner and four time Verizon IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti who noted that he quite enjoyed being here in January as the weather was a little more mild.

Speaking of weather, that is all the talk here at IndyCar's debut in The Big Easy. The latest from AR1's Southern Louisiana Weather Bureau indicates we should be good for the first practice scheduled to get underway at 12:15 P.M. here locally. As for the afternoon session which starts at 4:15? That could be a little dicier.

While we've already noted that the weather could greatly hamper proceedings, it should be fun watching the drivers in the rain with the new aero kits on what is a pretty quick track.

As a reminder, you can keep track on all the happenings from NOLA in the AR1's Event Summary throughout the weekend. We'll have more later.

Lucille Dust reporting from NOLA Motorsports Park for AutoRacing1.

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