AR1 St. Pete Event Summary (Update 4)


Who will stand on the podium today in St. Pete?

A few bullet point notes before today's 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series opening race, the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

  • We posted the tire allocations for today's race. Fifteen drivers, including the top-12 on the grid are starting on 'reds'. Nine are starting on 'blacks', including each of the last 5 drivers on the grid.
  • Our math has the pit-road delta somewhere between 24 and 26 seconds.
  • We expect tire wear to be a major issue, particularly on 'reds.'
  • In part, due to the increased tire wear, we don't expect this to be a fuel-mileage race. St. Pete has historically been a three-stopper and teams are going to wear out their tires before bleeding their fuel tanks dry.
  • Our numbers also say teams will be able to go about 30 green flag laps on a tank of fuel. If that is the case, and not taking into account how the tire situation mentioned above will come into play, the window for a 3-stop race opens at lap 20.
  • Francesco Dracone was over two seconds slower than the next slowest qualifier yesterday, and more than 3.5 seconds slower than Will Power's pole time. While the series has had some drivers in recent years, who have been slower than others, there has not been someone as woefully off the pace as regularly as Dracone. Will Dracone's lack of pace play a role in the outcome?

03/29/15 Below, is today's schedule for the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg


End Event Series
8:55am 9:35 Race #2 USF2000
9:50 10:30 Race #2 Pro Mazda
10:45 11:45 Race #2 Pirelli World Challenge – GT
12:00pm 12:30 Warm-up Verizon IndyCar Series
12:45 1:55 Race #2 Indy Lights
2:10 2:35 Race #2 Stadium Super Trucks
2:50 3:30 Pre-race Verizon IndyCar Series
3:00 6:00pm Race Verizon IndyCar Series

03/28/15 IndyCar Qualifying:

Round 1 Group 1
Round 1 Group 2
Round 2 – Fast 12
Final Results

03/28/15 Below, is today's schedule for the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.


End Session Series
8:00am 8:30 Qualification USF2000
8:45 9:15 Qualification Pro Mazda
9:30 10:00 Qualification Indy Lights
10:15 10:55 Race #1 USF2000
11:10 12:10 Race #1 Pirelli World Challenge – GT
12:30pm 1:15 Practice #3 Verizon IndyCar Series
1:30 2:10 Race #1 Pro Mazda
2:15 3:15 Verizon IndyCar Series Autograph Session Verizon IndyCar Series
2:25 3:15 Race #1 Indy Lights
3:30 4:00 Race #1 Stadium Super Trucks
4:15 5:30 Qualification Verizon IndyCar Series
5:45 6:35pm Race #2 Pirelli World Challenge – GTS


Will Power celebrating his win last season at St. Pete. For all the happenings in this weekend's race stay tuned to AR1's St. Pete Event Summary

To assist our readers in following the action from this weekend's Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, we bring to you the first of our AR1 Event Summaries.

Below, you relevant information such as a weekend schedule, entry list and race history. And as the weekend goes on, we will update this thread with pit assignments, tire choices to start the race, and other pertinent information.

Also, with this being our first summary, please contact Brian Carroccio ( with suggestions as to ways we can improve it for future races.

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2015 IndyCar Schedule
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