Hamilton tells Red Bull to ‘hire better people’ (but he is dead wrong)

AR1.com's Mark Cipolloni calls Lewis Hamilton's comments incorrect below

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton has stepped up his rhetoric against rival Red Bull's complaints.

After the British driver won dominantly in Australia, Red Bull declared the gap to Mercedes was too big and the rules too 'complicated' for formula one.

"It's not (too complicated) for us," the reigning world champion told Australia's Seven Network on Tuesday during a visit to Sydney.

Red Bull chiefs are arguing the current rules are "killing" the sport, and have threatened to quit.

"It's been interesting to see some of those comments," Hamilton continued.

Asked if Red Bull is simply guilty of sour grapes, he answered: "I don't want to get into the political side of things. I just drive."

But Hamilton did observe: "People are always unhappy when they're not winning."

As for Red Bull's failure to keep up amid the new turbo V6 era, the 30-year-old pointed out that Ferrari has managed to make a big step forward over the winter.

So Hamilton advised Red Bull: "You better hire some better people, I guess. We've hired great people and we've done a great job, and we weren't complaining when they were doing it."

[Editor's Note: Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the Mercedes brass are dead wrong on this issue. Whereas Red Bull's advantage for years was the chassis (certainly not the inferior Renault engines) in fact Mercedes advantage is the engine and their advantage is protected by the engine freeze "token' system. When it comes to the chassis, the teams are free to make upgrades every single race if they want to in an effort to catch up. Mercedes has a 'locked-in/protected' advantage and they are fighting hard to keep it for years. The FIA needs to step in and give the others a fighting chance.]

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