Study Names Fernando Alonso Most Marketable F1 Driver For Second Year

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has once again been named the most marketable driver in F1 by Repucom. Based on the perceptions of people from the racers’ native countries using Repucom's Celebrity DBI index, McLaren’s new driver has once again been crowned as the "Most Marketable F1 Driver," as he was ahead of the '14 season.

The Spaniard’s overall marketability has increased, as has public awareness of the driver. In Spain, more than 98% of people know of Alonso, 88% of which say they see him as an effective brand endorser and 83% saying they trust the two-time World Champion. Alonso is followed by ex-teammate and current Williams’ driver, Felipe Massa, Ferrari's four-time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, and reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso's move from Ferrari to U.K.-based McLaren sees him partner alongside 5th-placed Jenson Button, who retains his place in the top 10 most marketable ranking. The biggest climber in the rankings is Hamilton, who jumps into 4th place.

Repucom Senior VP of Motorsport Nigel Geach said, "We are seeing a heightened level of consumer brands becoming involved in F1 in 2015, some which are changing allegiances. Ultimately, it is them who will benefit most from the marketability of drivers" (Repucom)

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