Nurburgring track prepared to take it on the chin for the ‘gipper’


F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone said that the fate of a German F1 Grand Prix for '15 "is due to be decided in the coming days," according to DW. When asked in an interview with German news agency dpa on a deadline for the decision, Ecclestone stated "certainly by this weekend."
Ecclestone: "[I'm] not sure it's going to happen." If the race is canceled, it "would be the first time that Germany has not hosted a race in the Formula One season since 1960." Despite having two possible venues, the German Grand Prix's "inabilty to attract fans and therefore revenue in recent years, has forced it's position in the race calendar to come into question." DW

02/25/15 Nurburgring official said that the racetrack "would be OK with taking a financial hit for hosting this year's German F1 Grand Prix," according to the SID. While the future of this year's German race "remains unclear,"

Capricorn Nurburgring Managing Dir Carsten Schumacher said, "We've said the interest of the fans and the region in the race is so high that we would be OK taking an acceptable operating loss."

However, he also knows that "it becomes more and more difficult to market the race due to the uncertainty surrounding it."

Schumacher: "That's also the reason why we've said we don't want to take on the organizing risk. There's no question that you earn money as the organizer of an F1 race. However, the problem is the hosting fee and you have to talk about that." SID

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