Bourdais and Vasser test Champ Cars at NOLA (Update)

UPDATE Gotta love this quote from Scot Elkins, who headed up the DP-01 project for Champ Car:

"The DP-01 was the highlight of my career. And those who say it was not designed for ovals don't know the story. We crash tested it to surpass the then current FIA and IRL standards. It passed both standards easily. We even (secret is ok to share now) built it to fit the IRL engine in case a merger ever took place."

So instead of using the good looking, vastly superior DP01, as part of the merger Champ Car teams had to buy what Paul Tracy called 'Crapwagons', since replaced by the hideous looking DW12 that has sent fans heading for the exits for years.

02/13/15 KV co-owner Jimmie Vasser and driver Sebastien Bourdais drove Panoz DP01 Champ Cars at NOLA Thursday. On the KV Racing Facebook site see the photos and short videos of the two drivers putting in laps in the 5-year old Champ Cars that, to this day, look and sound far better than the current IndyCars do.

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