1901: The race that changed the world (Correction)

A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, My name is Todd Barthel, I am the great grand-nephew of Oliver Barthel, and I'd like to bring to your attention an error in your article "1901, The Race That Changed the World" dated Feb. 13, 2001.

In it, you referred to Oliver Barthel as Oliver "Otto" Barthel, suggesting his nickname was "Otto".

That is, in fact, in error. Oliver Barthel was the youngest of three brothers; Theodore EA Barthel (my great grandfather) born 1874, Otto F Barthel born 1876, and Oliver E Barthel born 1877. He was never referred to as Otto, as that was his older brother.

As the article is 14 years old, there's no harm in the error. I just felt that, for your edification, you would like to know. Todd Barthel

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