Big changes for 2015 Lotus F1 car

With Renault engines the 2014 Lotus has been a dog. Next year they get Mercedes power.

Lotus will have significant changes on next year's car compared to the E22 which has scored just four points in 2014, according to technical director Nick Chester.

Since missing the first test of the season Lotus has struggled with both reliability and performance in the Renault-powered E22. Points from Romain Grosjean in Spain and Monaco remain the only times the team has finished in the top ten this season, but Chester promises big changes are planned – including to the team's unique 'twin-tusk' nose concept.

"There are rule changes to the front of the chassis and the nose, so all the cars will look different next year," Chester said. "On top of that, our engine installation and cooling layout will change quite a lot meaning that the car will be significantly different under the bodywork. It will be quite different."

Despite Lotus' limited points haulage this season Chester is not writing off the team's chances of scoring more before the end of 2014.

"I think we have a good chance for more points this season. The car has improved since Hockenheim when we took our front-rear interlinked suspension off and lost a chunk of performance. We have gradually fought back since then so we are in a position where we think points can be scored, if the races go the right way."

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