NASCAR tries to copy IndyCar and falls flat on its face

Michael Waltrip made his first "Dancing with the Stars" appearance Monday night and reactions weren't exactly positive as Waltrip appeared to have two left feet compared to IndyCar's Helio Castroneves who won the competition some 5 or 6 years ago and gave IndyCar some great PR. Waltrip on the other hand" Well you decide.

Judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli dismissed Waltrip and dancing partner Emma Slater's performance. "It was like the engine was running but you couldn't get out of first gear," Goodman said.

Added Tonioli, "I think it’s a question of tuning… you looked like a golf cart trying to keep up with a Ferrari."

On the other hand, judge Carrie Ann Inaba gave the pair high marks.

"I think you did fantastic," Inaba said. "It was fun, entertaining. Well done. Simple so next week, I want to see a little more steps but well done." Let's just hope his one left foot doesn't trip over his second and fall.

Waltrip felt his costume had limited his dance moves.

"In my defense, my onesie gave me a wedgie every time I did that," Waltrip said. "Next week, I'll have something much more comfortable. I left the pits, and I missed a shift. But then after that, I had it nailed. But this uniform is very challenging for me. I need to find the bathroom soon, really soon. I'm just really tight in places I'm not used to."

Really Michael? He set racing back 50-years with that statement on national TV. Get a load of his uniform (what he calls a onesie).

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