Montezemolo bids farewell to personnel

Luca di Montezemolo

Ferrari employees gathered together at Maranello as the Chairman of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo gave farewell speech which was marked by intense emotions and strong feelings.

The man who held his position for almost 23 years spoke to his staff for around half an hour. The speech was held at the building site of the Gestione Sportiva which had a symbolic meaning as it showed the new horizon that Ferrari would slowly see in the near future.

Montezemolo had to interrupt his speech occasionally as he was given rounds of applause. He made it clear he would remain a Ferrari man forever and felt blessed to have been part of the company and family for so long.

The Chairman also warned his staff which they have concentrate on in the future and highlighted the importance of the co-operation which was one of the key points the new team boss Marco Mattiacci had been working on since his arrival.

"We have understood our mistakes and in the company we have everything needed to reach our goal, in terms of personnel, infrastructure and resources. We need to work more closely together, because that’s what is required with the new regulations. We must lay our problems out in a line and tackle them one at a time and, we must work like a real team and have the courage to dare. This is the only way we can embark on another winning cycle."

After his speech Montezemolo shook every single member by the hand as he wanted to say goodbye to everyone personally.

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