Porsche recalls a number of 918s for rear-axle problem

Porsche has recalled a number of its 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercars, the company's most expensive model, to fix a potential defect with rear-axle components.

The issue was detected as part of regular quality checks and affected 46 cars, the company said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg.

"All customers were contacted individually by their responsible sales organization," Porsche said. The recall was completed in July and no accidents or injuries were reported related to the problem.

Production of the $845,000 plug-in hybrid, which was unveiled a year ago at the Frankfurt auto show, will be limited to 918 vehicles to underscore the exclusivity of the car and the brand.

The first models were delivered in March and Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller said in June that he expects the 918 to be sold out by the end of the year. "We won't sell a single additional model," Mueller said. "That would be unfair."

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