IndyCar Milwaukee TV Rating (Update)

UPDATE CORRECTION: NASCAR pulled in over 5 million viewers on ESPN not ABC for the Michigan race. Imagine how high the number would have been on ABC! Meanwhile IndyCar had 320,000 on NBCSN.

08/19/14 The TV rating for the IndyCar Wisconsin 250 from the Milwaukee Mile last Sunday was a 0.24 on NBC Sports Network, the same horrible rating as 2013. The rating above is a household rating from the 56 television markets with local Nielsen meters. The 56 markets (out of 210 total) cover about 70% of the US television population.

While NASCAR pulled in over 5 million viewers on ABC this past weekend, IndyCar pulled in 320,000 users as NBCSN continues to be the noose around IndyCar's neck. And until that noose is removed, IndyCar will remain nothing more than a blemish on NASCAR's posterior.

AR1 has talked about this noose for years, but IndyCar has done nothing to remove the noose as it would appear they prefer to hang from it. Staying small must be good in their eyes. Out of sight, out of mind.

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