Latest photos from Sochi (2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 Here are the most recent images from Sochi.

08/02/14 With 70 days to go to the inaugural Grand Prix in Russia, the Sochi Autodrom has applied the final layer of the racing surface to the new circuit.

Crews of 50 workers operating 15 specialized machines have been working around the clock, laying the asphalt with help from German track architects Tilke GmbH and other subcontractors to reach this milestone for the new circuit.

The final composition of the three layers used to complete the racing surface, from top to bottom, is as follows:

  • 4 cm asphalt wearing course, modified for racing circuits
  • 5 cm binder course
  • 5 cm asphalt base course

The final makeup of the asphalt contains special polymer material that ensures the surface texture of the track remains 'grippy' and provides optimum traction for the tires, which is vital as the drivers will reach speeds of almost 200 mph.

Once work began on laying the actual track surface, the pavers worked on it all day without stopping as any break in the layering process may cause unevenness on the surface. The evenness was checked continuously and other quality checks were also made throughout the process. The final layer is 5cm deep and this layer alone will cover more than 5,000 cubic meters of the asphalt.

The makeup of the asphalt was developed specifically for the Sochi Autodrom. Hart Consult International created a unique recipe of the asphalt, working together with their Russian colleagues by taking into account various factors such as the local climate and the availability of suitable aggregates and bitumen. The average lifetime of the racing surface is almost 4 years.

Special sensors will also be mounted into the surface, which will fix the temperature of the asphalt. Furthermore, induction loops and equipment for measuring the speed that will provide the vital information for the timing system and statistics of the race will also be installed in the surface.

Hopefully, the final result of this intricate and high-tech design and construction work will be a world-class racing experience at the Autodrom that will be enjoyed by the fans and drivers alike.


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