Mid Ohio 1:00 report

AR1's Tim Wohlford says look for another strong crowd today at Mid-Ohio. Here, fans pack the hillside Turn 4-5-6 complex for 2013 race.

– Race officials at Mid-Ohio can't be more pleased with the turnout for this weekend's race, and are predicting huge crowds for the big show this afternoon (which starts at 3:50 PM ET).

– Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires Race 2 just concluded with Jack Harvey again stealing the show, winning by 12 seconds. The driver of the #42 Racing Steps Foundation machine scored his first win yesterday, so his entire collection of Indy Lights trophies comes from Mid-Ohio. However, based on the exhibition he put on today, it won't be his last — and no doubt he is now on the radar screen of IndyCar team owners.

-Events like this can't happen without the army of workers who work for cheap, or even free. Once again the SCCA has stepped up to the plate to provide corner workers, communications staff, timing and scoring people, not to mention logistical support since they know the local area. Few, if any, of those people — no doubt well over 100 — get any compensation. They volunteer, they travel on their own dime, they stay in the primitive camping areas (no electricity, etc) at the track — and still manage to be friendly at the end of the day.

Then there is the army of minimum wage workers who staff the security checkpoints, or worse yet, don hot fire suits to staff pit road.

– Many people want to run away to join the circus. Precious few want to clean the elephants' stall. Next time you go to a race, look for such souls, and thank them when they need to look at your credentials and passes….

Tim Wohlford, reporting from Mid-Ohio!

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