How Tony George devastated the sport of IndyCar Racing

George proclaims himself Indy. The most ridiculous ad campaign in the history of sports

This excellent article by Matt Schafer lays complete blame on the destruction of IndyCar Racing on Tony George. One cannot draw any other conclusion. A must read.

American open wheel racing was dealt a massive blow when then Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Tony George decided to form his own racing series with the Indy 500 as the lone jewel. Imagine if Bruton Smith decided to split with NASCAR, form his own series and ban NASCAR from all of his eight tracks. That’s what Tony George did to the most successful form of racing in America at the time. No series could survive that sort of competition. It muddied the waters and drove away casual fans, and the sport hasn’t recovered six years later. Indy 500 ratings were good this year, but still a third of what they were before Tony George found the Indy Racing League.

Never in the history of sports has one man's poor misinformed judgment cost so many people so much.

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