Sunday morning update from Toronto (3rd Update)

UPDATE #3 So far so good here in Toronto. The skies are a bit brighter now and the Pirelli World Challenge race just concluded in the dry. We should have a dry start for the first race starting in 20 minutes.

07/20/14 A little less than 2 hours to go for the first IndyCar race today in Toronto. The track is drying and the Indy Lights race is underway where Alex Baron is leading Belardi teammate Gabby Chaves. The skies are still threatening, but a bit brighter so that is encouraging. So far no fans have showed up. Hopefully some will show up before race time.

07/20/14 It is almost 8:00 AM here in Toronto and the rain has stopped, but the skies are threatening. There is a better chance of getting the first race in today than the 2nd. USF2000 is on track. It is wet but they race in the rain. Their skinny tires do not throw up as much spray. Mark C. reporting from Toronto.

07/20/14 Sunday morning has dawned wet with a light rain, a low ceiling and poor visibility here in Toronto. Perhaps worse than yesterday's conditions. The forecast is for a 30% chance of rain between now and the start of the 2nd race at 4:15 PM when it increases to 40% chance. Given the conditions, and if it stays this way, most fans will just stay home today knowing IndyCar does not race in the rain at Toronto.

You can watch F1 on TV this morning. It was raining in Germany earlier. F1 does do standing starts in the rain and they do race in the rain. GP2 started (standing start) and raced in the rain this morning at Hockenheim.

IndyCar will start the first race today from a rolling start even though this is a makeup for the Saturday race, which was slated to be a standing start. Standing starts on a wet track are too hard for IndyCar drivers apparently.

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