Morning update from Toronto (2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 I was talking to Paul Tracy and he just received a call from Robby Gordon to drive in the Super Truck race here in Toronto. Tracy agreed to do it last minute after missing the first practice session. As we said below he is here as an NBCSN commentator so he did not have his driving helmet and shoes with him, but Robby said he has extras. Paul Tracy in a Super Truck? That ought to be real exciting. The 'Thrill from West Hill' is back.

07/18/14 While just 1.8 seconds separates the entire IndyCar field here in Toronto in opening practice in Toronto, well over 5 seconds separate the field in F1 practice where the Mercedes engines just dominate, rumored to have over 100HP on the Ferrari and Renault units. All that money and they sound bad, and the competition isn't even close. The thrill is gone in F1, ruined by the tree huggers who think racing fans want to go watch 'green' race cars. Nothing could be further from the truth.

07/18/14 What a beautiful morning here in Toronto! Weather will be great today. No chance of rain today but there is a 40% chance Saturday and Sunday.

Looking out of the media center there is another construction project – A hotel being built right in the middle of the temporary IndyCar track behind pit lane so the Gold grandstands are moved down a bit farther and the grandstand has shrunk since last year – never a good sign. Does this mean the beginning of the end to the long running series in this town?

The all time favorite home town boy will be at the track, Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductee, the thrill from West Hill, Paul Tracy. But Paul will not be driving a Stadium truck or an IndyCar. He will be in the broadcast booth for the 2 races this weekend. And he is doing a stellar job explaining how drivers see situations from their angle in the race car.

Will Hinchliffe finally make his countrymen proud by winning his home race? His best finish has been 8th on the streets of Toronto. Will his Honda engine survive the brutal twists and turns?

Stay tuned for more updates. Mark C. Reporting from Exhibition Place in Toronto