Team AR1 Racing and K1 Race Gear to hit the track! (Update)

UPDATE In the first day of Team AR1 Racing’s crowdfund campaign, we have met 7% of our goal. Not bad for the first day! Teamed up with K1 Racegear, we are excited to be getting on the track with all of our loyal subscribers. Click this link to jump to our page and become part of the team!

07/08/14 Guy Cosmo’s First Gear Project Crowdfunds our team!

Special AR1 race suit Scott Morris will wear

Many of you might have seen our initial venture onto the track in various racing schools and most recently in our dominating kart team at the Honda GP of St Pete Pro-Am Media Karting event the last few years.

Well, we think it's time to hit the track in earnest and report from behind the wheel and give some of our dedicated staff members a chance to contest some real pro events and maybe take AR1 to the victory lane.

We have had a lot of loyal supporters over the years, and would like to include you all in this ongoing effort that will see some of our staff members paired with pro and celebrity drivers, and young guns we find along the way. With support from K1 Race Gear and various AR1 advertisers, we are working to scrape together a small budget for our first professional on-track debut at the Mid-Ohio IndyCar event and the Pirelli World Challenge. He will be in a Fiat 500 TCB class car.

He will be racing a car like this one, a Fiat 500, in the Pirelli World Challenge at Mid-Ohio

Our first staff member we will put in the car will be Scott Morris. Many of you have some to know him over the years, but very few may know about his racing career being cut short by a drunk driver and nearly costing him his life, and ending his early racing aspirations. Well, he is fully capable and has anchored some karting events we have won largely due to his skills. So we would very much like to help him live his dream of racing professionally, and get him in a car, and ultimately field him along with a group of others in the Daytona 24 or Sebring 12 hour race.

But first things first. We only need to raise about another $3500 to get him all set for Mid Ohio, and we only have about three weeks to do it. Any extra dollars raised will go toward our next event.

We have setup a crowdfunding page on Guy Cosmos First Gear Project site. Guy has come up with a really cool way for funding racing projects. It’s just like any crowdfunding site, but targeted to the racing community.

Click the link here to check it out! "If you are already a member, please sign in to fund the project. If not, please create an account first." Please spread the word to your friends!

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