IndyCar: The series that sold its soul

Dear, Regarding Stephen Cox's article, IndyCar: The Series that sold its soul, very well said! As a UK import who lived in Indy for 7 years while engineering CART cars and ultimately IRL cars, and grew to revere everything that was the Indy 500 ( I can't say I loved it, because it was a love/hate relationship), I watched this weekend's qualifying with sadness.

The question for me is, "are the clueless at 16th and Georgetown going to convince themselves that this is what success looks like (maybe 5,000 people in the grandstands)?"

'Spin' means something quite different today, but I remember when it meant lots of smoke, a Big Bang, and an all nighter!

I can't look back to the "run what you brung" days of Smokey Yunick, but I well remember real competition, real innovation, and really, really good racing!, Ian Ashdown, SoCal

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